Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Not exactly celebrating turning 37, but hey, that is the reality of the situation. Guess I should be thankful I've made it this far. I have a terrific family and really, when I get right down to it, a pretty terrific life. ;)

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Woo Hoo! It'll be a whirlwind trip, but I got my vacation approved at the last minute. The kids and I are going to head out to Vegas tomorrow to hang out with Steve for 1-1/2 days. He's been raving about getting to stay at Ceasar's (one of my favorite places in Vegas). He talked up the pool for the kids. I guess it is one of the benefits of his working for an airline. We may as well take advantage of it and the free room. I'm not particularly thrilled about the seedier things the kids might see in Vegas, but overall, I think we can keep them from noticing most of it. And they are excited to go, as well.

Wish us luck getting on the plane!! Off to pack.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Adventure Club

When the kids are off-track from school, they go to Adventure Club. Or Clark used to. Now that Shea is in school, as well, she started Adventure Club for the first time yesterday. Miss Susan said today that she has done very well. Going with the flow, blending in, everything has been a non-issue. It's always nice to know when your kids are easy-going and nice to get along with!

I think we're all adjusting (finally) to our special schedule this week with the kids going to Adventure Club and not school. Plus, Steve is in a conference in Vegas (note to any stalkers out there), so the three of us have had lots of bonding time, especially since they love to sleep with me in our big king-size bed.

Tonight we have a Den Meeting, although I'm feeling rather tired and my head is still stuffy from whatever it is I have. Can't tell if I'm suffering from allergies or a cold. Whatever the case I'm rather loopy from Sudafed and exhausted to boot. Here's hoping the boys won't get too crazy at the Den Meeting. Luckily I'm not hosting this month.

In knitting news I decided I couldn't deal with the mismatched stripes on the socks. I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I was knitting them for myself, but I'd like them to be a gift. I think they'd go over much better with matching stripes. At least I finally figured out how I had to mate up the pattern with my split skein. I rewound both of my mini-skeins by starting one from the middle and one from the outside. I'm also hoping it will remove the irritating twist that has occurred with one of them. Unfortunately, by starting over it's going to take me 3 times as long to complete, since I seem to have lost my knitting speed and desire. However, it will be worth it in the end because everything will match and my anal-retentive self will be all the happier.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Luan!

Well, my sister's birthday is today. Won't say how old she is but she is 2 years younger than I. Lucky her! Since my birthday is coming up in a few short days, I'm not looking forward to it like I used to. :sigh: :big sigh:

In any case I hope she had a terrific one! :D

You're the best, Luan! I love you!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

About Knitting Time

I finally picked up my knitting needles for the first time in a week last night. Still moving along on the socks. And Luan's Noni bag.

Just as I fortold, I've been far too engrossed in Animal Crossing to get much knitting done. Embarrassing to say that I ended up purchasing 3 copies of the game - one for each of the kids and me - because I got tired of the kids' fighting and having to share my house with them. Now each of the kids have an original DS, and I purchased a used DS Lite for Steve, although he teases me that it was really for me. I keep telling him that if it was for me, I would have purchased a new pink or black one. :rolling eyes: I am such a geek.

We finally had a birthday party for Shea last Sunday with her friends. It was an Ice Cream Social theme and all of the kids had fun putting on far too many toppings! Most of their creations looked like Clark's. Making his/her own personal concoction was more fun for most of the kids than actually eating it.

With all of the sweets from the ice cream we decided to forego the cake I had purchased for Shea, so we all had another private family celebration on Monday. Shea was finally able to blow out some candles.

In the end I guess Shea ended up having a two-week celebration instead of a single day. Still can't believe she's five!

Happily friends of ours whom we've known from far before we all had kids moved back into town, after two years. We're having them over for dinner tonight, as well. Going to introduce them to Steve's other geeky pursuit Settlers of Catan - Knights & Cities.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Shea!

My baby is now a big 5-year old! I can't believe it! Such a little lady and still so sweet! Everybody loves Shea.

We had originally planned to got to Minnesota for one of Steve's cousin's son's Bar Mitzvah, but the flights were too full. We were all so disappointed we decided to make a quick trip to the mountains and spent the night in Idaho Springs at the Indian Springs Resort. Personally, "resort" is considerable s-t-r-e-t-c-h of the term. The room was rather spendy for quality at about a Motel 6 level, and the "resort" looked all of its 100+ years.

The indoor pool had the tropical feel of a terrarium, albeit half of the roof was composed of blue tarps. Yet, the water was warm and the kids had fun.

Poor Shea. Since we hadn't planned to be in town, we didn't have her birthday party scheduled. Yet she was sad because she felt it wasn't her birthday without a party, and I guess, spending time with her family wasn't enough of a party. But we didn't forget about her birthday and brought a couple of presents along with us for her to open.

I think that in the end she had a pretty good birthday even though she didn't get a party with her friends. ;)

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Remembered

Never forget.

How can I? 9/11 was truly one of those events I will always remember.

I was pregnant with Shea and near the end of my 9 months. I decided to sleep in a little, since I wasn't feeling all that well and rather exhausted. When I first woke up the main topic in the news was the Bronco's Monday Night game and Ed McCaffrey's broken leg. I called in to work and went back to sleep. As I was driving in, I heard the news on the radio. A plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers! I had a glimmering fear of terrorist attack, and then it was confirmed as the reporter suddenly started saying that another had just crashed into the other tower! What chaos! What an immense feeling of fear and concern, anger and sorrow!

It was already all the talk at work when I arrived, and it continued to absorb everyone all day. The worry was palpable. Management tried to get us all to "show those terrorists and get back to work" but it was difficult when it was on everyone's mind, including our customer's. Plus, nothing could be shipped for the next few days.

Of course, it was stressful. Sadly, one of my greatest fears was that Shea would be born near the day. I did not want her birthday to be constantly associated with 9/11, since I knew it would remain emblazoned in our history books. I guess that personalizing the event was my feeble way of trying to cope with the situation.

My thoughts and prayers go out to eveyone who experienced loss from 9/11. You will not be forgotten.

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